Nordonia Referral Group

NRG Rules

Please do not apply for membership in NRG if you are unable to meet the following requirements:


We allow only one member from each profession so you will not have to be concerned about another in your industry receiving referrals. 


In fairness to the other members, since you are the sole occupant of a category, it is important that you attend all of the meetings and arrive in plenty of time to be ready for when the meeting begins promptly at 8am.  7 to 7 opens at 7am to give you ample time to purchase coffee and to network with other members prior to the meeting.

If you cannot attend a meeting you are expected to send someone else to represent you. 

If a last minute emergency should arise please contact the administrator to receive an excused absence. 

Missing more than two meetings in a calendar quarter will be cause for removal from the group.


You are expected to be an active participant in NRG and provide a minimum of 2 referrals each month.

Referrals are to be given directly to your fellow members as soon as possible, do not wait to do so at the meeting.

When giving a referral, make sure to fill out the referral form so NRG can track your activity.